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Are you a homeowner in the Metro East area thinking about installing a gas fireplace? Whether you are wanting one installed or already have one that needs maintenance or repairs, you can rely on our professionals at Culler Plumbing Services. Our plumbers can handle your gas line inspections, installations and repairs. The Collinsville, Illinois area can experience frigid temperatures throughout the winter, call us if you want a gas fireplace to help you stay warm!

Culler Plumbing Services is proud to be an all service plumbing company for those throughout the Metro East area. What this means is that our plumbers can handle all your plumbing needs, whether it’s installation, inspections or repairs. We can do so much more than unclog your toilets and drains. In addition to being able to keep your plumbing system functioning at its peak performance, we can also help your household stay warm during the freezing winter with our gas fireplace installation service.

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While there are great things about wood fireplaces, they can also be very high maintenance, difficult to clean, have problems lighting it, and the smell that can linger on your clothes.

The good news is, Culler Plumbing Services provides you with an alternative solution – gas fireplaces. Gas fireplaces provide that same warmth and are much more convenient.

We have a team of plumbers that have several years of experience working with natural gas lines and we are confident that we are better equipped to handle the installation of your gas fireplace if you are in the Collinsville, Illinois area. With the help of our plumbing company, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the heat from your brand-new gas fireplace.  

When you are ready to start having the luxury of a fireplace without the maintenance and headache that goes along with a wood fireplace, get in touch with Culler Plumbing Services for a free estimate!

Benefits of A Fireplace

Culler Plumbing Services are big fans of residential and commercial properties having gas fireplaces. We truly believe that it is a great feature for all to enjoy. While the Metro East area doesn’t experience as harsh of a winter as other places, we do have relatively cold temperatures that can last for many months. While we all wait for the sunshine to comeback, you can take other measures in order to stay warm during these months. One of the ways you can do this is with a gas fireplace, which can make the cold winter months be a little more comfortable for homeowners and business owners alike.
The 21st century has seen many homeowners make the transition from wood-burning fireplaces to gas because of the low maintenance that goes along with gas fireplaces. Important to note, gas fireplaces aren’t the same as electrical fireplaces. Read below to learn about the benefits of gas fireplaces.

  • Can easily warm areas around the fireplace without central heating
  • As easy as flipping a switch to turn it on and off
  • No cleanup needed
  • No burning smells
  • More energy efficient
  • Almost no pollution
  • Relaxing ambiance
  • Home value goes up!

At Culler Plumbing Services, we believe that every home in the Metro East area can benefit from having a gas fireplace in their home to help reduce their reliance on their heating systems, create a comfortable atmosphere, and allow for your family to gather around and enjoy the warmth and comfort that a gas fireplace offers. If you are a homeowner or a business owner considering a gas fireplace installation, contact Culler Plumbing Services to schedule an evaluation and request an estimate!

Common Issues Associated With Fireplaces

Just like every other appliance in your home, your gas fireplace is susceptible to experience some issues. Because of the dangers of natural gas, if misused, it is to your benefit to call the professionals to handle any gas line repair. We advise not to try and fix the problem yourself. If you smell natural gas in your home, immediately turn off your gas where the gas valve is located and call your emergency plumbers at Culler Plumbing Services. Here are a few common issues with gas fireplaces and how we can help.

The Fireplace Will Not Turn On.

With any gas appliance, it can sometimes fail to turn on from time to time and this is normally because of a closed gas valve or difficulties with your natural gas supply. For our plumbers, it is a simple fix. If there is a pilot light for your gas fireplace, it may just need to be relit. It is important to always read your manufacturer’s instruction manual.

Thermopile Sensor Failure.

Your thermopile sensor is what is responsible to generate the voltage required to ignite the natural gas which will start your fireplace. 

If there is an issue with your thermopile sensor, your fireplace won’t ignite.

Airflow Problems.

Airflow problems come from a build-up of soot and can result in the smell of natural gas. If there is an uneven balance of air and gas it can cause a disruption that can lead to a gas smell and a flickering flame. If you are experiencing this, contact your plumber to help correct the airflow.

If you have a gas fireplace, it is in your benefit and safety to schedule routine inspections in order to ensure that it is operating efficiently. If you are experiencing any issues with your gas fireplace or it has been a couple of years since you have had it serviced, contact Culler Plumbing Services to schedule your service today!