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Sewer Camera Inspection Services in the Collinsville, Illinois Area

Culler Plumbing Services wants to quickly and efficiently identify any problem within your plumbing system without having to dig up your entire landscape. One of the ways we can do this is with our sewer camera inspections. Utilizing the technology of the 21st century, our technicians can quickly identify the problem with our camera inspections to locate the source of any leak or clog that exists, without having to excavate your landscape. If you do need excavation services for your underground plumbing, we specialize in that, too. 

We are your local plumbing company located in Collinsville, Illinois providing service to the Metro East area, equipped with modern tools and technology in order to ensure our customers get the highest quality of service. We have a range of top-of-the-line equipment, but perhaps the most convenient tool is our camera inspections.

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Cameras have become one of the most important tools for plumbing companies. They allow plumbers to investigate the plumbing and sewer systems that haven’t been achievable in the past. Our plumbers will insert a rod with an attached camera and snake it through your pipes. With our sewer camera inspections, we can easily identify the type of plumbing problem that you are experiencing, including:

  • Root Intrusion
  • Grease Buildup
  • Leaks
  • Obstructions
  • Corrosion
  • Punctures
  • Off-Grade Pipes
  • Broken Pipes

In addition to our camera inspections being efficient in identifying problems easily, but we also can run these cameras after we have services your pipes to show that you have nothing to worry about and that your pipes are ready for use. 

Another benefit to our camera inspections is that they limit the possibility of an inaccurate assessment. Cameras have become an effective way to accurately identify the problems and they eliminate the need for guesswork and as a result, save you more money. The more accurate the plumbing company is, the quicker the service. If you have any questions, concerns, or are wanting a camera inspection, contact Culler Plumbing Services today!

The Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspections

We have all heard the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and that is also true with plumbing. Sewer camera inspections provide an abundance of information at an affordable price. The numerous benefits that go along with sewer camera inspections include:

  • Eliminating any guesswork regarding your plumbing system
  • Identifying leaks or breaks more effectively
  • Finding lost objects
  • Offering inspection for home purchase

Sewer camera inspections are beneficial to accurately identify any problems within your residential and commercial plumbing system. This comes in handy when buying and selling homes, but also when you want to locate the source of your plumbing issues.

Culler Plumbing Services can easily identify the problem and begin working on a solution that severely cuts down the service time. Not only does it make the process quicker, but also cleaner – sewer camera inspections eliminate the need for excavation in order to locate the problem.

What Our Camera Inspections Can Reveal

Our camera equipment can extend the length of your entire plumbing system and allows our experts at Culler Plumbing Services to identify virtually every plumbing problem you have. However, there are certain circumstances where sewer camera inspections are extremely useful.

Broken, Cracked, and Collapsed Pipes

Since the camera goes throughout the interior of the pipe, we can visualize everything within the pipe. This is extremely useful for inspecting any cracks or breaks in order to determine the location of the problem and how severe it is. While some cracks can be repaired quickly, others might call for sections of the pipe to be replaced.

Blockages and Clogs

Throughout the years, your pipes can develop clogs. Depending on the severity of the blockage and what is causing the clog, traditional solutions may not be as efficient. That is when we need to take a more in-depth look. Hair, hard water sediment, leaves, grease, oil and sewage can all result in extensive clogs that need to be visually inspected in order to determine the best solution.

Tree Root Infiltration

Tree roots have the reputation of infiltrating pipes and causing a heap of destruction. They penetrate through cracks and soft spots in the pipes with the intention of collecting the water that is inside the pipes. Tree roots cannot be seen aboveground which is why camera inspections are so useful. Sewer camera inspections help our plumbers identify the location of the problem and make the necessary repairs.


Corrosion in your plumbing pipes leads to discolored water and foul odors. It also leads to cracks, breaks and leaks to your pipes. Corrosion can cause sediment to buildup, as well. Camera inspections help us identify the corrosion in an effective manner and make the necessary repairs to the affected pipes.

Sagging Pipes

Over time and due to pressure, your pipes can start to sag or bow. As a result of sagging pipes, water and sediment can cause backups, foul smells, and corrosion. Camera inspections allow our technicians to identify the sagging lines, how extensive the damage is, and the amount of water pooling in the pipe.  

Culler Plumbing Services provides sewer camera inspections to those in the Metro East area to help identify problems with their plumbing systems without having to dig up their pipes.