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Culler Plumbing Services has received too many phone calls from residential and commercial customers about plumbing issues that stem from improper drain cleaning and clog relief. Too many instances of businesses and homeowners believing the trick of chemical drain cleaning solutions that work in the short-term but don’t address the root cause of the problem and actually aid in the corrosion of your plumbing pipes. If you are experiencing your drains backing up or performing slower than normally, don’t waste money on a temporary solution such as a drain cleaner, instead contact Culler Plumbing Services for a fast, efficient, and affordable solution.

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Professional Drain Cleaning in the Metro East

Perhaps the most common plumbing issue for homeowners is clogged drains. There can be numerous reasons for drain clogs, but despite the reason for the clog, it is important to have it resolved as soon as possible. While you may have success with fixing minor drain and pipe clogs yourself, if you have major issues with clogged drains – Culler Plumbing Services is here to help. We provide standard drain cleaning that can be scheduled for a convenient time and emergency service for a more immediate solution.

When hiring Culler Plumbing Services for your drain cleaning in the Metro East area, you can bet that it will be done correctly the first time around. We have the plumbing professionals that are equipped with modern plumbing tools and technology in order to eliminate any clog in the most effective way possible. Rest assured that when you need us, we will be there for you. 

We don’t just show up to the rescue in the case of an emergency, having a routine drain cleaning service done on your plumbing pipes is a great way to prevent future damage and prevent problems. If you are experiencing slow performing drains, don’t rely on chemical drain cleaners for the solution, not only can they be harmful to your skin, but they could lead to future problems and weaken your plumbing pipes if used too often. Instead, trust the experienced professionals at Culler Plumbing Services for your drain cleaning in the Metro East.

Problems That Stem From Clogged Drains

Homeowners often view sluggish and clogged drains as an annoyance, but they can lead to major problems.

Something to remember is that if you neglect drain cleaning, your family’s health can be at risk. For example, your kitchen drains get food particles washed down the drain and that can lead to a breeding ground for bacteria and the result can lead to a food-borne illnesses.

Bathroom drains can have a buildup of lotions, skin creams and makeup particles that can result in mold growth. When toilets and septic systems aren’t properly cared for, it can lead to serious health concerns. For all these reasons, it is important to have a routine drain cleaning performed in order to keep your family’s health and the health of your plumbing pipes intact.

Because the majority of your drain system is out of sight and consists of a complicated pipe system, it can be hard to identify where the problem is. A clog can be an easy DIY project, or it can be much worse where the skill of an experienced plumber is needed. The three warning signs that you may need to call a plumber to deal with your drain cleaning include:

  • Clogged Drain
  • Sluggish Drain
  • Backed Up Drain

Homeowners tend to make the mistake of perceiving an issue as a simple fix and think they can handle it themselves. While it’s true, some homeowners can handle the task, but more often than not you are risking future problems down the road. Common mistakes that homeowners make when trying to clean their own drains include:

  • Excessive water pressure. Too much water pressure can result in pipes bursting.
  • Using harsh chemicals. Can lead to damage to your plumbing system and lead to serious health concerns.
  • Disconnecting pipes. Results in leaks and serious water damage.
  • Using foreign objects to solve the problem. Not using the proper tools can cause serious damage to your plumbing system and worsen the clogs and create other potential problems.

Culler Plumbing Services is no stranger to requests for plumbing service from homeowners that have attempted to clean their own drains. Our experienced and insured plumbers can get the job done safely and effectively.

In addition to our drain cleaning service, we also provide other plumbing services to help keep your plumbing system performing the way you want it. This includes water jetting, garbage disposal cleaning and repair, toilet plumbing and repairs, faucet replacement and repair, and septic system repair and maintenance.

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Your drains are responsible for carrying wastewater away from your home but are susceptible to sediment buildup and clogs.

If your drains aren’t flowing properly, contact Culler Plumbing Services. We charge by the job not the hour, so you can ease your mind knowing that we will take our time, while still being efficient, as we clean your drains and get them back to optimal performance. To help save money on your next plumbing service in the Metro East, check out our coupons and promotions to make your next service even more affordable! Contact us to request an estimate and schedule your services today!