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Trusted Plumbers for Your Excavation Service

When a mainline water break or underground sewer line issue happens, homeowners and business owners alike can start feeling overwhelmed. 

These situations can result in major structural damage and can be a big mess – while also losing the convenience of running water and indoor waste management. Culler Plumbing Services has 25 years of experienced plumbers that have the capability of handling your excavation needs to keep your underground plumbing troubles intact.

If you have a problem with your water or sewer lines, know that you can rely on the professionalism and experience at Culler Plumbing Services. Excavation isn’t a simple task and it requires the best of the best, which we pride ourselves on being. We show up with the right plumbers, tools, and commitment to easing your stress by getting the job done correctly the first time and in a timely fashion. Do not make the mistake of trusting your utility lines with just any company. Culler Plumbing Services has built a strong foundation over the past 25 years and a long list of satisfied customers. 

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Unlike other plumbing problems, issues with your water line or sewer line can’t afford to wait. Culler Plumbing Services understands the seriousness of water line and sewer line issues which is why we offer 24-hour same day emergency excavation services. Whenever you need us, you can bet that we will be there for you.

Homeowners have great pride in their landscape which is why we also offer trenchless repairs whenever we can. Trenchless repair ensures that you get professional repair services without having to destroy your landscape. However, we want you to be aware that trenchless repair isn’t always possible. Our expert plumbers work with you to determine your best options regarding your excavation and plumbing needs.

When homeowners have sewer and water line damage it can leave them stressed and overwhelmed about what to do. Culler Plumbing Services understands the stressors involved with excavation service which is why we do our best to make the situation as smooth and affordable as possible. We also offer financing options for severe plumbing repairs because we believe in the importance of these repairs and we don’t want to break your bank in doing so.

Why You need Underground Excavation for Plumbing

Underground plumbing has become a modern convenience that most people tend to take for granted. Underground plumbing has allowed homeowners and business owners to have clean water and carry waste away through a complex underground plumbing system, that is completely out of sight. The problem is, if something goes wrong, it can be an overwhelming process. Culler Plumbing Services has been providing trenchless pipe repair and excavation services for over 25 years. There are various reasons you need these services, read below to learn more about them. 

Emergency Excavation Services

When you need service done on your water and sewer lines, emergency excavation is the solution for you. If you have a broken underground water line, the result can be an expensive damage and it can happen quickly. Minor leaks may go unnoticed at first, but a sign that you have one is with an increased cost in your water bill. More extensive leaks can be seen with soggy grounds, a sump pump that is overflowing causing excessive moisture in your basement or sidewalk and other wet symptoms.

Underground Pipe Installation or Repair

Underneath your home consists of various sorts of pipes, including water plumbing pipes, sewer lines, and gas pipes. If you want these pipes installed, repaired, or replaced, you need either excavation service or trenchless pipe repair. Trenchless pipe repairs are generally for minor issues with your existing lines that can address simple breaks, whereas excavation will be needed for repair, installation or the replacement of your sewer lines, water lines, septic systems, and new plumbing systems.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

This method isn’t new and can be used to repair a variety of your underground plumbing problems. Pipe bursting is when we pull a new pipe through an existing pipe then break the existing pipe off around the new pipe. Pipelining is when we patch an existing pipe from the inside or create a new pipe from inside of the old pipe. Trenchless pipe repair is a good solution for minor leaks and breaks.

Service You Can Count On

Culler Plumbing Services has emergency plumbers that can inspect and identify issues with your underground plumbing system and offer the best options for you. Our team is equipped with the knowledge, technology, and experience to conduct water line, gas line, and sewer line installation and repair with either trenchless or excavation service.

Signs You May Have an Underground Water Leak

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to see underground water lines which means identifying a leak isn’t always easy. If you think that you may have a leak in your utility lines, there are a couple of signs that you can look for. If you experience any of these symptoms, contact your local plumber in the Metro East area.

Unusual Wet Spots or Pooling Water

When you start noticing abnormal wet spots or pooling water throughout your landscape, you may want to investigate. If there was rain recently, it can make this tougher, however, rainwater normally soaks into the ground. If the ground is wet because of pooling, it can be due to water leaking up from the ground because of the inability to absorb it. When your landscape has patches that are softer and greener than other parts, it could be because of a minor underground leak. The Metro East doesn’t have many swampy areas, so if you are experiencing an abnormal wet landscape, that can be a significant indicator that there is a leak in your underground system. These areas can be at risk to turn into sinkholes or potholes when the ground starts to give way.

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Changes in Water

If your home is experiencing a water line leak or break, the first sign could be when using the water. When your home’s water pressure starts to decrease, or a coughing like noise/sputtering happens when you turn your faucets on, it could be because of issues with your water lines. If you see dirt or rust in the water, you could be dealing with a break in your water line.

Water Bill Spike

Perhaps one of the easier signs to notice that you are experiencing issues is when you see a spike in your water bill. 

Whether it is a slight increase – signifying a minor leak – or a dramatic spike, it could be because your losing water somewhere within your system.

Sounds and Motion

Hissing sounds and pipe vibrations are indicators that your plumbing system has broken water pipes or that your water pressure is too low.

Other sounds can include a splashing, clinking, or babbling noise which are all indicators that aren’t normal in a healthy plumbing system.

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Underground Plumbing Repairs

When handling any underground plumbing repairs, it is important you hire a company with the right equipment and proper training for the task. At Culler Plumbing Services, we take pride in being able to deliver quality service in a timely fashion. Our motto is to drive by the job and not the hour, so you can ease your mind knowing that you are getting top-of-the-line service for any underground plumbing problem.

When Culler Plumbing Services shows up to service your underground plumbing repairs, we have a range of techniques to help identify and solve the problem. For starters, we start with a camera inspection to help identify any problems within your plumbing and pipe system. Utilizing this method, we don’t waste any time identifying and locating the problem, determine the size of the leak or hole, and then make the necessary provisions to solve the problem. Some issues can be fixed with certain equipment that can be inserted into your pipes and repair it from the inside, without having to rip up your landscape with excavation, this is called trenchless repairs.

Trenchless repairs consist of breaking down any buildup and blockades, patching punctures, and cleaning or repairing any corrosion. 

If the problem is too extensive and repairing from the inside is not an option, we may have to use our professional excavation techniques.

Though a burst pipe is not a common occurrence, it can  happen when the ground shifts like during an earthquake, or from obstructions like tree roots . Poor insulation can also lead to your pipes freezing which can cause them to burst, as well. Homeowners don’t ever want to experience this and if they do,  they need to contact their local plumbers for emergency excavation services to quickly repair the pipes in order to hinder any further structural damage.

Culler Plumbing Services has a team of well-trained plumbers that have extensive experience with excavation equipment to deal with underground plumbing issues. We know how to dig up your existing pipes and utility lines without causing more damage and one of our goals is to minimize the disruption to your landscape as much as possible. Our excavation service is an intrusive process that is only for the worst-case scenarios. If you need underground plumbing repairs in the Metro East, Culler Plumbing Services is the right company for the job!

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What Is Under Your House?

Perhaps the most modern advancement of plumbing systems has been the ability to bury your pipes underground, keeping them out of sight. It not only aids the neighborhoods in looking cleaner and overall nicer, but also limits potential damage to the lines themselves. Underground plumbing pipes and other utility pipes provide protection that nothing else can offer and they are designed to last for decades. We tend to not even think about the vast network of pipes underneath our homes, but to give you a better idea of what is beneath your feet – read below.

Gas Lines

Gas gets pumped throughout your home via underground piping to help keep the gas protected while still allowing it to flow through your home on demand. The reason that gas being kept underground is beneficial is because it limits the risk that it will be exposed to high heat or an open flame. While not all plumbers have experience with gas lines, that is where Culler Plumbing Services stands out. We have the professionals to handle your gas line installation and gas line repairs.

Plumbing Lines

Your plumbing lines are responsible for transporting clean, treated water from community water pipes to your home. This is a complex system of plumbing pipes that are used to help flow water. Tree roots are the biggest threat for your underground plumbing pipes because they can infiltrate the pipes and break the lines. They can also cause obstructions, making it difficult for water to flow resulting in the possibility of the pipes bursting.

Sewer Lines

Similar to your plumbing lines, sewer lines are also a pipe system that is responsible for transporting sewage away from your home and to municipal sewer pipes or your septic tank. These pipes are also buried underground for maximum protection and prevent homeowners from being exposed to the sewage in the cause of a leak. Sewer line damages can be dangerous for your family’s health and end up being quite costly. In order to limit the chance of contamination and further damage, contact your local plumber immediately for repairs.


Irrigation lines are also buried underground, but not as deep and often aren’t as complicated. Irrigation lines are generally separate from your home’s main water supply and because of this, a leak can be harder to identify. 

In the fall, you should blow out your irrigation lines with air and before the winter in order to prevent frozen pipes.

If you have plumbing fixtures, it is in your best interest and safety to schedule routine inspections in order to ensure that it is operating efficiently. If you are experiencing any issues with your gas fireplace or it has been a couple of years since you have had it serviced, contact Culler Plumbing Services to schedule your service today!

Culler Plumbing Services For Your Plumbing Excavation

When you think you are having issues with your underground plumbing, it is in your interest to contact your local plumbing company before you start digging on your own. Culler Plumbing Services has the experience and equipment to ensure customer satisfaction regarding septic system installation, plumbing pipe replacement and repair, and insulating utility lines. We have over two decades of experience and understand how to get the job done as easily and affordable as possible. These kinds of issues can cause quite a headache for homeowners, especially because of the cost which is why we offer financing options. We don’t want to break your bank – we just want to help! For more information, contact our plumbing company today if you are in the Metro East area to schedule service.