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Toilet Plumbing Service in the Metro East

Culler Plumbing Services is the number one choice for those in the Metro East area for repair and installation of residential and commercial toilets. While nobody really wants to think about their toilet, it’s hard to imagine what you would do without one. Toilets are a key feature for all homes and we never want to experience the frustration when one fails. What many people may not realize is how much water toilets use. Did you know that out of all the things in your home, the toilet is what uses the most water? Your toilet can account for twenty to thirty percent of your entire water usage. If you are experiencing toilet problems, it could be more expensive than you may think.

The most common problems with toilets include:

  • Leaking
  • Slow Draining
  • Overflowing Bowls
  • Running Water
  • Loose Seats
  • Vibrating Tanks
  • Clogs
toilet repair service collinsville il
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There are a number of problems that your toilet can experience, and if you want the problems fixed correctly the first time, you can rely on our experienced plumbers at Culler Plumbing Services. We have the knowledge, skill set, equipment, and experience to take care of all your toilet repairs and the plumbing service that goes along with it.

Culler Plumbing Services can handle your toilet repair and toilet replacements, but we also specialize in toilet installation. Whether you are undergoing a bathroom remodel and need to replace your existing one or you want to add an additional bathroom to your home or business, we can handle it.

Your toilet is a major feature in any home or business, don’t just trust anyone to handle the task. Culler Plumbing Services has over 25 years of experience and built a reputation of customer satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and request a free estimate!

Signs Your Toilet Is Having Problems

Generally, modern toilets require minimal maintenance. From time to time, small issues may present themselves and occasionally major problems can appear. What is important to understand about your toilet is that toilet symptoms are indicators that your toilet isn’t functioning properly. Some of the most common toilet symptoms to look out for include:

Continuous Flow

If your toilet is continuously flowing, that is a sign that there is a problem with either your tank or within the toilet pipes. If you hear the sound of running water, that is more than an irritable noise that will eventually go away, it means there may be a water leak somewhere. Sometimes it’s as easy of a fix as properly connecting your tank flapper, which is what is responsible for the continuous flow. This problem isn’t incredibly harmful, but it can waste hundreds of gallons of water per day. However, if you choose to ignore this issue, the continuous flow can wear down the toilet’s parts, which results in reduced effectiveness of the mechanical pieces.

Toilet Leak

Water leaks or pools of water that accumulate around your toilet can be a sign of damage and costly repairs. Continuous flows or a low flow after flushing can be signs that you have a water leak. Other signs of toilet leaks include a musty smell, pools of water around the base of the toilet, and a toilet bowl that runs out of water. All plumbing fixtures that have leaks show pools of water around the appliance, leading to water damage. Don’t ignore a toilet leak, even a small one.

Frequent Backups

Common reasons for toilet clogs and backups are because of too much toilet paper being flushed down the toilet or an unusually large amount of solid waste. These clogs can be easily remedied with plunging. When you start to experience clogs more often, that signifies that there is another problem that needs to be addressed. These problems can be related to your sewer lines or your septic and sewer systems. Don’t ignore frequent clogs nor should you try to solve them with commercial drain cleaning products. When you experience these issues, contact your experienced plumbers at Culler Plumbing Services.

Toilet Rules

Toilets are low maintenance, but with the right care, they can last problem-free for years. In order to help promote the health and sustainability of your toilet and plumbing system, remember these toilet rules.

  • Only flush down liquids, solid waste, and toilet paper.
  • Never flush paper towels, condoms, and feminine hygiene products.
  • Never flush chemicals, foreign objects, and medications.
  • Make sure that waste goes down when you flush, use the plunger if necessary.
  • Keep the toilet clean.
  • Don’t put anything in your tank or toilet bowl.

If you follow these toilet rules, it can have a major impact on the performance and lifespan of your toilet. For more tips about toilet care, check out our blog!

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What All Homes Should Have

As we have said before, toilets are low maintenance, but they do have certain flaws. To help you save money, time, and avoid a call to your local plumber, it is in your interests to keep these toilet tools nearby.

Plunger – You should have a toilet plunger and a standard plunger for sinks and bathtubs. Toilet plungers are efficient at resolving minor toilet clogs and help you avoid the needs of a plumber. 

Plumbing Putty – Plumbing putty can be useful for DIY projects and can also be useful to address small leaks. Don’t stall contacting your plumber for plumbing leaks, but plumbing putty can be the difference between a regular scheduled service and an emergency service.

Adjustable Pipe Wrench – Pipe wrenches are specifically designed to grip pipes that allow for steady tightening. Be careful how tight you tighten these pipes because it could result in leaks. Plumbing tape can be used on threaded pipes to reduce the risk of leaks.

Contact our expert plumbers with over 25 years of experience at Culler Plumbing Services for your plumbing needs if you are in the Metro East area.