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Garbage disposals are a modern feature that most homeowners could probably live without, but why would you want to, given that is makes your life much easier? Garbage disposals help keep your pipes protected from clogs and leaks by breaking down food waste before it enters your drains.

Culler Plumbing Services inspects, repairs, and replaces garbage disposals for homeowners in the Metro East area. If you want to reduce the smell and potential risk of clogs and damage to your drains and pipes, contact your local plumbers today!

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Garbage Disposal Repair

Just about every modern kitchen relies on their garbage disposal in order to help remove food waste. Garbage disposals aren’t just a convenience, but they also function to help protect the environment. Food scraps are composed of water and when they are put down the garbage disposal, they get processed and that water can then be treated and reused. Garbage disposals also keep food waste from going to landfills where they will eventually lead to producing hazardous methane gases.

While there are numerous benefits to garbage disposals, they are prone to problems. The standard garbage disposal can last between five and ten years. When your garbage disposal fails it can lead to major inconveniences, especially considering that roughly 20 percent of waste comes from food waste in homes. When you start to experience problems with garbage disposals, contact Culler Plumbing Services.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems

One of the most common problems associated with garbage disposal is the odor. Even if your garbage disposal is working correctly, because of the buildup of food waste and debris, it can result in a foul odor. The good news is that there are a few things that you can do to alleviate this issue:

  • While running your garbage disposal, pour a small amount of liquid dish detergent down your garbage disposal to help with the stench
  • For about 30 seconds, run cold water directly down into the garbage disposal to help get rid of food remnants.
  • Orange peels, lemon rinds, and ice cubes grinded up in your garbage disposal can help get rid of any foul odors, too.

Another issue with garbage disposals is clogs. Garbage disposals can tend to get clogged with big meals, or over time with smaller amounts of food that are not properly discarded. If a clog should happen, don’t stick your hand down the garbage disposal to fix the problem yourself. Turn the garbage disposal off and try to stir up the contents that are in the disposal and try to get them out. Then, restart the disposal to see if it relieved the clog. If your disposal doesn’t run, locate the ‘reset’ button on the underside of the garbage disposal and try again. If you still aren’t having luck, contact Culler Plumbing Services for your garbage disposal repair if you are in the Metro East.

Properly Caring For Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are a relatively new appliance for residential and commercial kitchens that help to prevent clogs within your drains and pipes. Garbage disposals are easy to maintain but are also easy to break. With the proper care, your garbage disposal can last for years. Culler Plumbing Services have experience handling commercial and residential properties regarding clogs and foul-smelling odors coming from their garbage disposals. With our experience, we can handle these problems as quickly as they happen. Here are a couple of things that you can do in order to best keep your garbage disposal protected:

  • Frequently run cool water down your garbage disposal. Before you turn on your garbage disposal you should make sure that you are running cold water and keep it running for as long as your disposal is running. Once your disposal starts grinding, make sure you leave the water running for roughly 15 seconds in order to clear out all of the food waste, keeping your pipes free and clear. This will greatly help reduce any foul odors and prevent clogs from happening. Try not to use hot water because it will liquify fat and grease which can result in a buildup in your pipes.
  • Regularly clean your garbage disposal with soap and water or baking soda and vinegar. Try to avoid using harsh chemical drain cleaning solutions that end up doing more damage in the long run.
  • If your disposal won’t turn on, try to troubleshoot it with the ‘reset’ button located on the bottom of your garbage disposal.
  • Don’t stick your hand into the garbage disposal.
  • Your garbage disposal can grind up food scraps, but don’t put entire pieces of food or trash down your disposal.

Contact Us Today!

If you are having problems with your garbage disposal, our local plumbers at Culler Plumbing Services can help diagnose and repair your problems. Our team is completely stocked with the right equipment to handle the job with ease and if you need a replacement – we have that, too. Contact us today to schedule your garbage disposal repair or maintenance if you are in the Metro East area!

What NOT To Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Most garbage disposal problems are a result of putting the wrong things down your disposal in the first place. Cullers Plumbing Services has seen a range of various foods and objects that led to failing garbage disposals throughout the years of responding to garbage disposal service calls. The term garbage disposal can be misleading because it isn’t actually meant for garbage – more so food scraps. Garbage disposals aren’t meant as an alternative for your trash can, it just helps break down food waste so it can safely and effectively go down your drains and through your pipes to help prevent clogs. Here are a few things that you can and cannot put down your garbage disposal.

Things That CAN Go Down Your Garbage Disposal

  • Food Scraps
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Vinegar and Baking Power
  • Ice Cubes
  • Liquids
  • Soft Foods
  • Fruit Scraps

Things That CANNOT Go Down Your Garbage Disposal

  • Eggshells
  • Grease/Fat/Oils
  • Fruit Pits and Fruit Seeds
  • Rice, Pasta, Beans, and Oatmeal
  • Fibrous Foods 
  • Medications
  • Harsh Chemicals
  • Non-Food Items
  • HANDS!!!!

If something happens to fall down your garbage disposal that shouldn’t never put your hand down there to grab it. Try to get it out using the tactics listed above and if that doesn’t work or your disposal won’t start, contact Culler Plumbing Services for garbage disposal repair.