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A busted PVC water pipe with ice frozen and water dripping in Mascoutah, Illinois.

How to Stop Your Pipes From Freezing

When the weather changes to colder temperatures, your home is at risk of freezing pipes. When water freezes inside a pipe, it creates a tremendous amount of pressure, sometimes leading to a burst pipe which can cause flooding. If you are on winter vacation while a pipe bursts, it could be tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage and repair. However, there are certain steps you can take to try to prevent freezing pipes.

Don’t Turn Off the Heat

A modern thermostat showcasing 68°F while it is 23°F outside in Mascoutah, Illinois.

The first step is also the most obvious – if you’re going away for a long time, resist the urge to turn your heat off completely. Yes, it might cut down your heating bill, but it puts your entire home at risk. Somewhat ironically, this is even more true in warmer climates. Homes built in warmer climates typically don’t have pipe insulation that’s as good as their colder counterparts. This means your pipes are even more susceptible to freeze. You do not have to keep your home at room temperature but to be safe, set it above 60°F.

Adopt an Open-Door Policy

Your home in Mascoutah, IL likely heats unevenly. Keeping rooms in your house at different temperatures can affect your pipes as well. Since pipes are normally located within cabinets, the heat from your house may not reach them, leaving them more prone to freezing. Rather than being forced to call a plumber, try leaving a few cabinet doors open to allow hot air to circulate and keep your pipes warm.

A black & white close-up of a dripping faucet in Mascoutah, Illinois

A Dripping Faucet

While a dripping faucet may indicate a leak that you need to see a plumber about, it can also be used to prevent a burst pipe. Pipes burst due to the pressure created between the faucet and the blockage. By allowing faucet water to drip, you’re preventing pressure from building up inside the pipe, which also keeps the pipes from bursting.

Add Extra Insulation

While you’ll likely want to call a professional plumber for this, ensuring that the pipes in your basement and attic are properly insulated is the best way to prevent freezing pipes. Your plumber will likely fit the pipe with a fiberglass sleeve or foam rubber to provide additional heat. You might also need to add insulation to your walls and ceilings.

Should you need professional plumbing assistance during the winter, please do not hesitate to call our team of experts at Culler Plumbing Services. Call (618) 855-9600 or contact us through our website for all plumbing emergencies.  

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