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Plumbing Tips for the Holiday

A plumber in Highland, IL, is in high demand, especially during the holidays. People count on having company inside their homes and want to make sure that their plumbing system is in good working order to accommodate their guests. Knowing how to steer clear of plumbing problems gives you peace of mind knowing that your sinks, toilets, and showers will be fully operational throughout the holiday season. Here are great plumbing tips to consider before you plan for your next holiday soirée.

Plumbing Tips That Make Your Life Easier

The plumbing inside your home is a complex system that you likely take for granted until it stops working optimally. To prepare for overnight visitors, we have come up with some plumbing tips to follow right away to decrease the chances of needing an overnight plumber to come to your home to perform an emergency service for you.

The following plumbing tips help you get ready for the holidays.

A young woman pumping liquid soap into her hands in Highland, Illinois.

Switch to Liquid Soap

The remnants left over from bar soap are major drain cloggers. If you switch to liquid hand soap and body wash, you’ll eliminate the problem entirely.

Keep a Plunger in Every Bathroom

You can remove most clogs with additional applied force. A proper toilet plunger in every bathroom in the home is a must-have.

Thoroughly Scrape Plates into the Trash After Every Meal

Unless you have a garbage disposal, no food whatsoever should go into the sink. The tiniest scrap can cause a major blockage.

Invest in Sink Stoppers with Built-In Traps

A metal sink stopper sitting inside a kitchen drain in Highland, Illinois.

Hair, food, and soap won’t make their way into your pipes. You will have fewer clogs and blockages to deal with because you can pull out the stopper, clean out the trap, and place it back in the drain where it belongs.

Routinely checking your plumbing for signs of problems is highly recommended. If you do discover a leak or clog, contact a plumber right away to take care of the problem for you. Doing so ensures that you won’t be without a working toilet while entertaining family and friends for the holiday. It gives you peace of mind during a very chaotic time of year.

Emergency Plumbing Services Day and Night

Need a good plumber? Contact Culler Plumbing Services by calling (618) 855-9600 with your request for service. We offer 24/7 emergency service to meet your needs. You will not need to deal with a clogged toilet overnight. We can come to your home in your time of need and figure out what is causing the blockage.

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